Super thankful you’re here. Why? Because its time. Time to stop letting giant corporate interests dictate how lands, rivers, mountains and oceans are used. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’re familiar with the Columbia River Gorge. It lets you know it’s there. Dramatic cliffs, more waterfalls than anywhere in the U.S., a temperate rain forest welcoming salmon spawning, sturgeon stirring, elk bugling, bald eagles nesting, maple and conifer waving, and much, much more. This place is alive. And Nestle is attempting to bottle up some of its soul and sell it back to us in cheap disposable, petroleum-plastic. We say no.

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Read this essay summarizing our day of action also posted on The Jasmine Dialogues Blog. An excerpt:

“We decide to run in protest of Nestle’s plans to violently pump pints of blood from the Heart and sell it back to us in disposable, single-use petroleum-plastic bottles. We run because the vitality of your small town economy means absolutely nothing when the world’s pulse falls silent. (Medic!) Your attachment to Nestle’s misleading job forecasting means nothing once water is undrinkable, polluted and poisoned, when acid rain falls, when reefs are bleached into petrified phantoms, when spawning salmon retreat one last time.

Your legacy as Mayor of Cascade Locks means nothing when your grandchildren wake up to a world of entirely collapsed marine ecosystems, chemical-poisoned air and an ash-heap for a rainforest. A brighter future for Cascade Locks on the backs of a great white bite of profit-driven corporate interest means absolutely nothing when the rusted Bridge of the Gods becomes an armed bandit border patrol executing environmental refugees crawling desperately across to migrate North, away from severe drought and uncontrolled wildfire tattooing the lands of the South.”

Read the entire essay here. 

Excellent video to take you inside, up and over mountains over the course of the entire day of our 50 mile protest run. Filmed and produced by Yassine Diboun. Enjoy.

Great article and press release about the August 1st Rim-to-Rim against Nestle Protest run, written by the Keep Nestle out of the Gorge Coalition. Check it here.

We were interviewed by our favorite local community radio station KBOO about the Nestle Run. Check it out. Starts at 13:14 (you can fast forward to this part of the broadcast).

Be informed. If you are coming out tomorrow to run or support, here is a last-minute sheet of need-to-know information, numbers and quality articles to help you feel comfortable when talking about the issue. Thanks Meredith Cocks (BARK) and Julia DeGraw (F&WW) for your help ensuring accuracy:

•    Nestle Waters North America: 2010 – $3.86 billion revenue in US (2010)
•    Planning to pump around 160 million gallons of water per year.
•    The water will be used for the Arrowhead Brand + Pure Life
•    The proposed facility is a $50 million plant.
•    Nestle has said aboout 43 jobs/workers.
•    They are looking to tap into two sources:

1.    Cascade Lock’s municipal well water
2.    Oxbow Spring – Public ground water currently used by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

•    This would be the first Nestle water bottling facility in the NW, and pave the way for further similar facilities.
•    This is not the first town in Oregon: Butte Falls, OR was approached, but they said no.
•    If approved, Nestle would be setting up their facility in a town surrounded by a National Scenic Area. This makes no sense.
•    Two legal protests to permits for the water bottling facility are currently filed by Food & Water Watch and Bark. The groups are being represented by Crag Law Center.

Our Major Concerns:

  1. Poor track record as an employer: Nestle chronically overestimates job creation, they are generally not family wage jobs that tend to go to very few locals. The bottled water industry in general has a very high injury rate as well.
  2. Pollution: 200 truckloads/day: peak season – same as their peak tourism season. Trips every 8 minutes.
  3. Expense: The 200 truck trips would require major road upgrades that would be paid for by Oregon tax payers
  4. It’s public. Water is a public resource, shouldn’t be bottled and sold.
  5. Wasteful industry. The further promotion and support a culture of disposable consumer products.
  6. It’s the State’s. This water currently belongs to the state. This means it legally belongs to every Oregonian, not just Cascade Locks at this point.
  7. Endangering fish populations – Salmon need cold water. Anything over 70 degrees and salmon die. Herman Creek provides a pocket of cool water for salmon to survive. Oxbow flows into this. We should do nothing to potentially negatively impact this vital cold water refuge. Nestle takes this water, may result in warming temps for fish.

Cascade locks doesn’t own the water. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) holds the sole water right to the spring water Nestlé wants to bottle. ODFW uses spring water for hatchery. They are in the process of a water rights exchange with the city of Cascade Locks.

That water rights exchange can be stopped by Governor Kitzhaber and that is why the Oregonians and the Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge Coalition are calling him to advise ODFW to pull out of the exchange process all together. This would deny Nestle’s access to the spring water it requires to make its water bottling efforts lucrative.

People in Favor of Nestle Coming to Cascade Locks say:
1.    It will bring jobs to the region. (Nestle cannot guarantee this for locals.)
2.    Will be good for the economy.

Recent Updates:
July 18 – Mayor+City Council going to Sacramento to tour Nestle plant on a “fact-finding” mission. Trip paid for by Nestle.

Great Articles to Check out:
•    Corporate Watch –

Planning on coming to run? Let’s carpool. Two options:

1) West Side, A.M. Departure – Meet at Lower Macleay Park: 5:00am. Contact:

2) East Side, Noon Departure – Meet at Gateway Transit Center @ 12:00pm. Contact:

One week. 7 days until we run. 50 Miles. To the tops of the peaks, to the bottom of the Gorge. All for truth. We run for truth. We run to demand truth. We run to expose the truth. Truth about the dirty consequences of prevailing corporate interest. We run for truth about ourselves, to express, in our element, how we truly feel when monolithic, money-munching megalomaniacs arrive unannounced, to meet their bottom line at the expense of the environment, the only home we have.

On August 1st, we run for truth.

Alright People, Five Important Updates:

1) 5K run now available! 2pm. This short run is for anyone wanting to cover some ground but can’t quite make the distance, doesn’t have time or just wants to support. Will cross the historic Bridge of the Gods. Departing from the start/finish area in Cascade Locks at 2pm with the whole group.

2) Updated Event Location and Time. Due to overwhelming interest in the event, we had to upgrade to a bigger space. Our discussion and speakers will now be at the Charburger. Also, to give more time for runners to finish, the discussion will begin at 7:30pm. There will be food and drink. $10 suggested donation to attend (no one will be turned away). All proceeds go to the Keep Nestle out of the Gorge Coalition.

3) Planning to Run all 50 miles? Holler. We need to know who all is running the entire route. Either email nicktriolo (at) or FB message me.

4) This Event is a Fully Self-Supported – You need to bring everything you will need to make the miles. Food. Water. Salt. Headlamp. A friggen pillow. Whatever it is. Don’t expect anything to be available. There will be a jug of water at the start/finish and some snacks. The route is easily navigable, all on the well-trodden Pacific Crest Trail, but please know the route, as there will be very little course markings (we will try.)

5) No Powerbar Products. If you plan to run, please refrain from bringing any powerbar gels, bars or products. Nestle owns Powerbar and we cannot support any of their appendages.

Have to work? Pressed for time? Here are the most important times to support if you cannot run:
1)    1:00-2:00pm in Cascade Locks. Media will be here. Runners will be embarking on the second half.
2)    7:30-9:30pm at Charburger – Discussion. Fundraiser. Support.

On August 1st, we will be blessed with a full moon. An omen, to light the way for a more truthful future. And when the moon is full, let us fight with our feet and keep Nestle out of the Gorge. No one else can stop them but us. So join us.

Questions? Email nicktriolo (at) or call 1-909-809-1523.

Check out this great article and interview recently conducted by the Animal Log, a local Hood River news outlet.

Great press, make moves.

Super inspirational video created by Corrinne Theodoru from Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with BARK-OUT